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Advocacy Toolkit

These tools have been developed by Alianza Américas. They are a collection of resources for the purposes of helping TPS beneficiaries, their families, allies, and leaders interested in advocating to stop their deportations.

Resources for Advocacy and Community Engagement (Bilingual Tools)

  1. Recommended Social Media Posts (ENGLISH)
  2. Frequently Asked Questions About TPS (ENGLISH)
  3. Countries Receiving Temporary Protection or Notified Recent Termination of TPS Designation (ENGLISH)
  4. Impacts of Ending TPS (ENGLISH)
  5. Sample Meeting Request with Members of Congress and Senate (ENGLISH)
  6. Talking points (ENGLISH)

Informational Video about TPS

Centro Presente y Alianza Americas produced this education video about TPS to highlight the significance of TPS, describe the contributions to the US economy, explain the impact on the lived of TPS beneficiaries from El Salvador, Haití, Honduras y Nicaragua, and to explain the stakes at hand if the program is terminated for these countries. Please watch and share the video.

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