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For Immediate Release:
September 25, 2020

Media Contact: 

Erik Villalobos, (516) 660-4508,

Martín Pineda, (562) 916-5650

‘Road to Justice’ Riders and Portland TPS Community protest in front of ICE building to demand an end to Family Separation




Portland, Oregon– Yesterday, TPS holders on board ‘La Libertad’ arrived in Portland, Oregon, the third city on the 8-week long “On the Road to Justice” nationwide bus tour. They were welcomed by the local TPS committee to hold a demonstration in front of the offices of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. 


Accompanied by day laborers, faith communities, and members of the Portland immigrant community, the demonstration was meant to send a strong message against racial injustice, family separation, and the need to go out and vote on November 3rd:


We don’t only want justice for our TPS families, we want justice for our brothers and sisters who are in detention. Their only crime was to be poor, immigrant, and not of the preferred color of skin. At this moment, we cannot accept this kind of racism and we will stand with all calls to justice for immigrant lives and black lives. . . . . This is why we need you to go out and vote on November 3rd. You need to go out and vote and we do not need to tell you who to vote for. Vote against racial injustice.” –Lida Perdomo, ‘Road to Justice’ Rider 



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