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January 12, 2021

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Erik Villalobos,


TPS Alliance Responds to Vice President Elect Remarks on Immigration Plan


Nationwide– Earlier Today, Vice President Elect Kamala Harris went on Univision to talk about the immigration plan under the incoming Biden administration. The Vice President Elect stated that granting a permanent residency to DACA and TPS recipients will be a top immigration priority for the incoming administration. Harris is quoted saying the following:

“. . . in particular about the immigration process, it’s gonna be about . . . allowing people who have Temporary Protected Status, in particular DREAMers and TPS holders to automatically get green cards.”

In response to the Vice President Elect, members of the National TPS Alliance made the following statements:

“These remarks are yet another testament of our struggle which for the past 4 years, has marched on the streets of Washington, led legislative visits on Capitol Hill, and survived four years of constant persecution by challenging the Trump administration in federal court. It is because of our work, that the priority of this administration is to grant our families the permanent residency we have so rightfully deserved for the past 20 years.” – José Urias, TPS Holder, Massachusetts TPS Committee

“While these remarks reflect that there is a brighter future ahead for our TPS community, we have been in this position before under the Obama administration. We will not accept unfulfilled promises. We will be holding the Biden administration accountable to ensure that they deliver on this promise to over 400,000 TPS families.” – Jessika Girón, TPS Holder, TPS Committee- Morristown, New Jersey

“ As a Senator, we have had several meetings at the Vice President Elect’s office. We were always told that the Republican led Senate would not allow a vote for Permanent Residency but today, that has changed. Vice President Elect, today you have the power to finally get this through the senate, to the President’s desk and signed into law. We will be in Washington to help ensure that this becomes a reality.” – Cristina Morales, TPS Holder, Plaintiff in Ramos V. Nielsen Lawsuit, San Francisco TPS Committee


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