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Salt Lake City, UT– On Saturday September 26, 2020, TPS families on the ‘Road to Justice’ Nationwide bus tour arrived in Salt Lake City for a press conference and demonstration in front of the office of Senator Mitt Romney in Salt Lake City.

They called on Senator Romney to recognize the TPS holders in his own state and to clarify his stance on immigrant justice and racial justice, given recent news where he stated he will move to confirm the currently vacant Supreme Court seat before the upcoming election.

“Senator Romney, I want you to know that there are more than 3,000 TPS holders in your state of Utah. We [TPS Holders] are your constituents. We are working in construction sites, right across the street from your office. We are in supermarkets, hotels, factories; we are in all fields of work, even in your state. We are working people in this country and we have and continue to make our contributions to this economy, to this nation. This is why we believe that it is time to get a Permanent Residency. . . . . Senator, you have supported an immigration reform in the past. You have even walked in support of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and yet you still vowed to vote in favor appointing a new justice before the election. We ask that you make up your mind. Do you stand with our communities or not? Do you stand against racial injustice or not?” – said Concepción Morales, ‘Road to Justice’ rider and TPS holder from Maryland.

TPS Families also took the moment to motivate US citizens of Utah to go out and vote on November 3. 

“We want to motivate everyone to vote. To go out and vote against family separation. To vote against those who have an agenda of hate and terror which seeks to damage our families. Your vote is for my family and many others.” said Lurvin Luzardo, ‘Road to Justice’ Rider and former TPS holder from Florida


The National TPS Alliance is a grassroots organization advocating for the permanent residency of beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status from the countries of El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Nepal, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Yemen

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