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For Immediate Release:
October 3, 2020

Media Contact: 

Erik Villalobos, (516) 660-4508,

Martín Pineda, (562) 916-5650


TPS Families on Nationwide bus tour arrived in Omaha, NE meet with Nebraska TPS holders & motivate US citizens to vote



Omaha, NE– On October 3, 2020, participants of the ‘On the Road to Justice’ bus tour arrived in Omaha, NE for a press conference with the local Omaha TPS Committee.

This was another stop in the 8 week long journey which was led by TPS holders in response to the ninth circuit court of appeals decision on Ramos v. Nielsen lawsuits. 

The decision allows the Trump administration to move forward with its effort to tear apart more than 400,000 families and potentially deport over 250,000 US citizen children. Most TPS beneficiaries have until March 5, 2021 to begin repatriation, with the exception of Salvadorans who have until November 2021.


The following statements were made at the press conference:


“I’ve lived in Omaha, Nebraska for over 22 years and I represent over 1,500 TPS holders in the state. I clear trees from power lines and have even done this job after natural disasters such as Hurricanes.”  –Ismael Rivera, TPS Holder from Nebraska

“I dream of becoming a doctor and I cannot achieve that if my parents are deported. It makes me sad because my family is the most important thing to me. I feel bad for all the children being separated from their families. This is why I ask that you please go out and vote against this [Family Separation] in November.” –Yoselin Garcia, Daughter of a TPS Holder from Nebraska

“I want you to vote in favor of my family because the sweat of TPS holders built and paved the roads of these communities. I represent the 300,000 children of TPS holders. No child should have to think about growing up without parents, it’s traumatic.” –Marilyn Miranda, Daughter of a TPS Holder and a “Road to Justice” rider.


The National TPS Alliance is a grassroots organization advocating for the permanent residency of beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status from the countries of El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Nepal, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Yemen 


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