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Trump’s “New Immigration Plan” Excludes TPS Holders & Designed to Hurt Immigrant Communities  

Los Angeles, CA Today, Trump announced his “new” immigration plan, which is simply a repackaging of the same old proposals that he and his administration have pushed since day one.

The plan would build the border wall, prevent kids and families from seeking protection in the United States and exclude families from our legal immigration system. The plan ignores the hundreds of thousands of TPS holders & DACA recipients advocating for a  permanent solution, who could be subjected to deportation as a result of Trump ending DACA and TPS.

We need smart and effective solutions that uphold the rights of immigrants.

Jose Palma, National Coordinator of the National TPS Alliance said,

“This proposal is an ideological tool with the intent of furthering an exclusionary immigration policy with racist underpinnings. It is clear that Trump is not trying to unite, nor is he trying to resolve this crisis. As hundreds of thousands of TPS holders, families and nearly a million DACA recipients continue to live in limbo Trump and his administration continue to fail in providing a real permanent solutions.

“While we are dealing with a humanitarian crisis at the border, there is also a crisis at home when Trump threatened the deportation of 460k TPS holders, the chaos this will create is insurmountable. It is time that politicians end their games and respond to the true needs of our communities.

”Today’s immigration proposal by President Trump falls short from being considered a serious conversation. Instead President Trump decided to continue spreading hate, dividing the country and playing with the thousands of lives that call this country home. I hope legislators from both political parties won’t get distracted by this unrealistic proposal and will continue developing  proposals that call for permanent solutions to the nightmare that people with TPS are living with right now.”


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