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For Immediate Release //

May 21st 2019

Contact: Armando Carmona, 323-250-3018,;

National TPS Alliance Urges Immediate Passage of The Dream and Promise Act  

Washington, DC – As the House Judiciary Committee moves to markup TPS/DED/DREAM legislation, the National TPS Alliance reaffirms its unwavering commitment to ensure a robust permanent solution for all families and workers currently living in a state of limbo.

In June 2017, the National TPS Alliance was formed by directly affected TPS holders and their families. Since then, it has become the first and only organization led by TPS holders fighting to SaveTPS and urge permanent residency for TPS and DED holders from all 13  countries.

Now, after forming over 60 TPS committees across the country, mobilizing thousands to Congress to conduct lobby visits and demand Congressional Action we are proud to stand together as TPS holders and support HR 2820 and HR 2821 alongside those with DED, DACA and our allies for the right to remain in our homes, our communities and keep our families together.

At this critical juncture, we call on Congress to preserve the positive aspects of the recently introduced legislation – that is, wide ranging protections and permanent residency for hundreds of thousands who have contributed to this country and deserve recognition. We are often told that in politics we must “negotiate”, and “compromise” in order to reach a solution, but the truth is that our lives are not negotiable and our humanity is not up for debate.  We urge Democrats and Republicans to stand together and move forward to pass this crucial piece of legislation.

We know, that legislation from Congress is the only action that can guarantee we keep our families together. The Dream and Promise Act  (HR 2820 and HR 2821), is a strong initial proposal that provides a permanent solution to thousands of TPS families who have and will continue to contribute tirelessly to our nation’s social fabric and local economies.  

We urge all members of the Judiciary Committee to oppose all hateful and anti-immigrant provisions that may come up during the markup of HR 2820 and HR 2821 or in any other future immigration legislation. Our immigrant families and communities deserve protection from deportation.  We’ve contributed enormously, we’ve paid our dues, we’ve done all that has been asked of us. TPS holders contribute over $4.6 billion in federal, state and local taxes annually and over 350,000 U.S citizen children have at least one TPS holder parent. Congress must ensure that our families are safe and never torn apart.

The National TPS Alliance will continue to monitor the legislative process and ensure the voices and stories of TPS families continue to be heard in Congress and throughout the Nation. On the Senate side we are monitoring and supporting the TPS bill Secure Act (S. 879). We will continue to speak directly and work with all legislators regardless of party or affiliation to ensure that our families secure a permanent solution.



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