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We Paid Our Dues

On #TaxDay, let’s make sure our public officials know how much TPS & DED families contribute to the US Economy and how those taxes are being spent.

Families with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) & Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) —contribute $4.6 billion to federal and state taxes and more than $35.2 billion to the country’s GDP each year

“WE PAID OUR DUES”: TPS & DED families across the U.S. released their tax contributions to highlight the $4.6 billion USD in taxes paid by TPS & DED communities nationwide and demand a bipartisan solution that ensures their dignity and permanent status in the United States.


Temporary Protected Status (TPS) & Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) recipients living in the United States contribute an estimated $4.6 billion a year to USD Federal and State taxes, including personal income, property, sales and excise taxes.

TPS & DED Holders contribute $690 million each year into Social Security.  

Over 80% of TPS & DED holders pay taxes, compared to less than 50% of the general U.S. population.

“TPS & DED workers have the same fiscal responsibilities as any other worker, contributing billions in taxes. But TPS & DED families don’t have access to social security, nor retirement.”


We contribute billions of dollars that help pay for roads, schools, and yes, even government salaries.  If TPS & DED beneficiaries leave the US will lose $35.2 billion in economic growth via GDP


On an annual basis for Homeownership and Mortgage Payments.


The industries with the highest presence of TPS and DED workers are constructionaccommodation and food servicesadministrative and support and waste management servicemanufacturing, retail trade, and health care and social assistance.

“We are workers who contribute heavily to various industries. We are entrepreneurs who run small businesses and work hard to maintain our families.”


On an annual basis for Homeownership and Mortgage Payments.

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