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On August 17th, over 50 immigrants with Temporary Protected Status (TPS holders or TPSianos), their family members, and other civil rights leaders embarked on a journey across the United States to lift their collective voices against the termination of TPS, against the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of lawfully present immigrants, & against the criminalization of migration in an effort to promote immigrant legalization, to promote political equality, and to promote the power of immigrant courage to prevail against Trump’s campaign of fear.

The journey, with events across the country, motivated local communities to organize and connect in a national campaign to fight for permanent residency and protect TPS families.

The #TPSJourney4Justice is a grassroots, bottom-up initiative to strengthen, unify, and elevate the voices of TPS holders, build local alliances and support networks, and establish alignment and solidarity with immigrant communities across the country. We intend to bring together tens of thousands of TPS holders and allies and invite them to join the fight to #SaveTPS & #ProtectTPS.

Journey for Justice Map

Tour Route

44 stops in 12 weeks. TPS families rode a bus across the country and, along the way, the justice riders stopped to participate in various events to build solidarity and awareness about the campaign and alliance.

Meet the Journey for
Justice Riders

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