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January 27, 2022

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Erik Villalobos,


As VP Harris Attends Honduran Presidential Inauguration, Honduran TPS Holders Stress the Need to Re-designate TPS

(Nationwide) (Nationwide) As Vice President Kamala Harris arrives in Honduras to attend the inauguration of the new Honduran President Xiomara Castro, Honduran TPS Holders made made the following remarks on behalf of the National TPS Alliance:

“We expect Vice President Harris’ arrival in Honduras today will set a different precedent in the relationship between our two countries. She is well aware of the executive power her administration has at hand. If the Biden administration seeks to immediately address the root causes of migration, they must first re-designate and expand the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program for Honduras, for Central America and for millions who continue to escape instability in their native countries.”– Jessika Girón, Honduran TPS Holder, TPS Committee of Morristown, New Jersey

“As Hondurans continue to escape unstable conditions left behind by corrupt governments, ongoing poverty and violence, and recent natural catastrophes, this administration must do more! Improving conditions in our native countries must include the advancement of rights for the millions of migrants already in the United States.”-Delmy Gomez, Honduran TPS Holder, Dallas TPS Committee

“For Hondurans both at home and in the diaspora, today marks a moment of much needed change. Surely, true progress will take years but today’s inauguration is a step forward for democracy in a country which has endured through conditions that continue to cause massive waves of migration.”-Teofilo Martinez, Honduran TPS Holder, Georgia TPS Committee


The National TPS Alliance is a grassroots immigrant rights organization of over 50 committees nationwide, advocating for the permanent residency of more than 400,000 beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) 


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