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For Immediate Release

August 7, 2020

Media Contact: 

Erik Villalobos,

TPS Community calls on Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to clarify his stance on supporting TPS Families


Nationwide – Yesterday, former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, went on NPR with Lourdes Navarro- where he spoke about the issue of Temporary Protected Status, stating that the TPS program will be something he would act on in his first day in office. Biden is quoted saying:

“Here’s the Deal, I think that we should be extending it [TPS]… They [TPS holders] should be able to stay in the United States of America until the circumstance changes in their country”

Paul Mondesir of the National TPS Alliance reacted with the following statement: 

“We will not be distracted, nor will we be divided, by misspoken words. These are times of urgency for our families. For this reason, we are calling on the former Vice President to meet with members of the National TPS Alliance, so he can fully understand our struggle for equality, and so he can clarify his stance on Temporary Protected Status in general and our lives in particular.  Our diverse, multi-racial coalition wants him to understand that we are not only fighting for an extension and expansion of this program. We want equal rights, and we call on him to make crystal clear his position in support of permanent residency for our families.”
Paul Andre Mondesir, TPS spokesperson and Lead organizer, National TPS Alliance


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