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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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Erik Villalobos,, Martín Pineda,, Ana Alonzo, 


Central American Families March from White House to Congress- to call for Biden to Renew & Expand TPS Humanitarian Protections

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Washington, DC- On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, Central American migrants and their families, faith leaders, community advocates, and others — gathered in front of the White House for a press conference –followed by a march towards capitol hill–to demand that President Biden utilizes his executive authority for migrants from Central America.

The action–led by the National TPS Alliance, is part of a continued effort to place political pressure on the Biden administration to re-designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, to designate TPS for Guatemala, and to expand these humanitarian protections for other migrant and refugee groups in need of immediate relief.

As the administration prepares for a likely surge of migration after the termination of Title 42, the National TPS Alliance is urging President Biden to take more immediate and forceful action to welcome and protect all migrant families affected by ongoing instability in their native countries — not just for those already in the United States, but also for those still hoping to arrive.

Members of the National TPS Alliance made the following remarks at the press conference:

“My husband has TPS, My children are DACA recipients, and I am undocumented. I am calling for all of our migrant community to join us in the fight for a re-designation of TPS, so that many who are undocumented like myself can receive much needed protections.” –Mayra Romero, Salvadoran, member of Massachusetts TPS Committee

“President Biden must utilize his executive authority – the power of his pen – to protect Central Americans and other migrants and refugees in need of immediate relief. This is needed not only because of the ongoing political and economic instability in these countries, but the United States owes a historical debt to Central America, because of its long history of political interference, the mistreatment of our people at the border and the interior of the country, and the vital contribution of labor that we have made — and continue to make — to bolster the U.S. economy. TPS is the least the United States can offer migrants.” –Emily Hernandez, Child of TPS Holders, Member of the TPS committee of Nevada

“Despite this dysfunctional Congress’ failure to pass critical immigration legislation, our fight has persevered. We remain committed to the struggle for permanent residency and equal rights. This is our north star! It is what we so rightfully deserve!”–Teofilo Martinez, TPS Holder, Georgia TPS Committee

Last month, with the support of the National TPS Alliance, sociologist Cecilia Menjivar and economist William Pleites released reports on social and economic conditions in El Salvador and Honduras which show us that our native countries are under no condition to receive us. We need immediate action from President Biden to protect Central American migrant families.”–Francis Garcia, TPS Holder, Member of TPS Committee of Nevada


The National TPS Alliance is a grassroots immigrant rights organization, advocating towards permanent residency & Equal Rights for beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

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