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For Immediate Release

March 9, 2021

Media Contact

Erik Villalobos,

National TPS Alliance Responds to TPS Designation for Venezuela

Nationwide- Yesterday, the White House officially announced plans to designate Temporary Protected Status to tens of thousands of Venezuelans currently residing in the United States. 

In response to the recent news, the National TPS Alliance released the following statement:

We are once again delighted to hear that the administration is taking action on much needed relief for the Venezuelan community, and we will continue to welcome any effort to utilize the TPS statute in order to benefit the largest number of immigrants. This is another step forward in reversing the harsh anti-immigrant policies from the previous administration but we expect President Biden to take additional steps immediately. The TPS program must be fully restored to more than 400,000 current TPS holders and expanded to provide relief for many who remain without status and cannot return to their native countries due to natural or political disaster. These are actions which must be taken as we continue to pressure congress to push any and all legislative mechanisms which would guarantee immediate green cards for all TPS beneficiaries.” –Teofilo Martinez, Honduran TPS Holder, Georgia TPS Committee


The National TPS Alliance is a grassroots organization advocating for the permanent residency of beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status from the countries of El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Nepal, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Yemen


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