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National contacts: Roxana Bendezú, National TPS Alliance media coordinator,
Armando Carmona, TPS litigation and National TPS campaign

New Mandate for Congress Means a Permanent Solution for TPS Families
TPS families living across the US arrive to Washington to send message to incoming Congress

Washington DC – Days after the 2018 midterm elections, hundreds of immigrant TPS holders from various countries rallied outside of the White House, as the “TPS Journey for Justice” arrived to Washington, DC. After a 12-week freedom ride, crisscrossing the country to meet with communities of all backgrounds, hundreds of TPS holders marched from the White House to Trump Hotel to demand permanent protections for their families, in the face of anti-immigrant attacks, and racist sentiment.

In response to Trump’s efforts to terminate the legal status of nearly half a million immigrant TPS holders, the TPS Journey for Justice has mobilized thousands of TPS holders, connecting with communities in over 50 cities. In 12-weeks, the TPS Journey has inspired a new generation of immigrant and civil rights leaders. Not only have we empowered TPS holders from all 12-designated countries, but we have established a strong network across the country of allies.

Now, when politicians talk about our families, we need to be at the table,” said Luis Andrade, TPS holders and justice rider. “We are a beautiful alliance that celebrates the many countries and languages that have benefited from TPS. We will not allow our lives to be used as bargaining chips for political gain. And we won’t sacrifice other immigrant families for our benefit.”

Today, every single member of Congress – regardless of what party they are from – must make clear that they won’t stand for the despicable policies that seek to separate our families. This starts with advancing permanent protections for all TPS holders and DACA recipients, no exceptionssaid William Martínez, TPS holders and justice rider.

The federal judge made it clear, Trump ended TPS as part of a racist ‘America First’ agenda. It’s code for the discriminatory policies trying to erase our families. Will members of Congress stand with hate, or take a stand for family values”, said Mardoel Hernández, TPS holders and justice rider.

I grew up under El Salvador’s civil war. Going back there is not an option. My kids are born here and we have our whole lives here. Workers with TPS contribute every day. The new Congress should make protections permanent,” said Reyna Sorto, worker with TPS and member of IUPAT District Council 51.

One month ago, a federal judge in San Francisco, California issued a preliminary injunction blocking President Trump’s termination of TPS for four countries.


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