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TPS Alliance Celebrates the Conclusion of the Ramos TPS Litigation

Nationwide–  The TPS Alliance celebrates a victory as Monday, February 26th, 2024 marked the final day of the legal battle to save the TPS program. Attorneys, plaintiffs, and our supporters decided to bring the case to an end unless new litigation becomes necessary in the future.

On March 12, 2018, the TPS Alliance made a powerful presence as our members and allies from across the nation rallied in front of the Federal District Court in San Francisco, California. Together, we showed strong support for the courageous plaintiffs and their legal representatives as they filed a federal lawsuit to challenge the Trump Administration’s decision to terminate TPS for Haiti, Sudan, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Additionally, another lawsuit was initiated in February 2019, addressing the termination of TPS for nationals from Honduras and Nepal in the Bhatharrai v. Nielsen lawsuit.

The TPS litigations evolved into a powerful movement for justice, where during every court date and hearing, TPS holders from across the nation ensured their voices were heard both outside and inside the courts. This lawsuit emerged as a crucial lifeline for thousands of TPS families, and in its first year, an injunction effectively halted the discriminatory terminations imposed by the Trump Administration. In June 2023, after years of relentless efforts and advocacy, TPS holders from Haiti, Sudan, El Salvador, Nepal, Honduras, and Nicaragua achieved a significant victory by securing the rescission of the Trump-era terminations and extensions of TPS

Plaintiffs, lawyers, advocates, and TPS holders from around the country gathered for a virtual event titled ‘Reflection & Justice: A Celebration of 6 Years of the Successful TPS Litigation and Movement.’ They came together to share their reactions and reflections following the conclusion of this historic case, widely known as Ramos v. Mayorkas 

In response, Members of the TPS Alliance issued the following statements:

I’m delighted to have been part of a lawsuit that brought relief and time to my family and the TPS community. Over these six years, I’ve learned a lot, and it has also secured time for my children to pursue their goals and for my husband and me to adjust our status. Despite this victory, the fight continues for others to achieve residency. I remain committed as my daughter still relies on the TPS program. The fight continues. – Elsy Flores, Former TPS Recipient and Plaintiff.

As TPS recipients, we faced a six-month deadline to leave, but with our legal team, dedicated plaintiffs, and the TPS community, we successfully defended the program and emerged victorious. While we’ve saved the TPS program, our journey towards permanent residency continues. Despite potential challenges, we are better equipped now with the National TPS Alliance, supportive organizations, legislators, a legal team, and an informed public. One thing is clear: ‘SOLO EL PUEBLO SALVA EL PUEBLO.’  – Mardoel Hernandez, National TPS Alliance Member

“After six years of enduring this ongoing litigation, it’s hard to believe we can finally say it’s over. These years have been a roller coaster of emotions, but we take pride in being plaintiffs in this lifeline lawsuit that has assisted thousands of families. Today is a celebration as we reflect on the years of advocacy dedicated to safeguarding TPS families. My son and I are grateful for the tireless efforts of our fellow attorneys, plaintiffs, and TPS holders in this case” -Orlando Zepeda, TPS Holder and Plaintiff 

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