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TPS Families March in Washington DC to Demand Immediate Action on a Permanent Residency


Nationwide- Earlier today, the National TPS Alliance held a march in Washington DC to call on congress to take immediate action on a path to citizenship for more than 400,000 TPS beneficiaries, and that the Biden administration restores and expands the TPS program.

TPS families concluded with a press conference at Black Lives Matter Plaza to call on congressional leadership to take immediate action on recent immigration legislation which would finally guarantee a permanent residency. After living in the United States for almost two decades, having US citizen children and being key contributors to the economy, they believe that a green card has been long overdue. 

TPS Holders made the following statements:

“We have been a part of the struggle which has allowed us to survive four years of constant attacks from the Trump Administration. Today, it is urgent for President Biden to restore the TPS program and for congress to finally pass a long awaited Permanent Residency by pushing for any legislative vehicle that could make this possible” –Elsy Flores Ayala, TPS Holder from El Salvador, Plaintiff in Ramos V. Nielsen case, Washington DC 

“I have been in this country for the past 24 years and for the past 14 years, I have been a truck driver and have travelled all across the United States. I need congress to finally take immediate action and provide greencards for TPS holders, what I believe we have rightfully earned. We have waited for far too long!”-Moimeme Petit-Frère, TPS Holder from Haiti, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“War, Natural disasters, and poverty are the root causes of why my family migrated here. It’s why people continue to migrate, which is why the TPS program must be restored and expanded. My dad fled his home country for these reasons and would eventually become a hard worker who has even been on the frontlines of this pandemic and yet, people still question whether or not he deserves to remain in this country.”-Emily Hernandez, Daughter of Salvadoran TPS Holder, Las Vegas, Nevada


“I would like to thank the National TPS Alliance for fighting for all TPS countries. TPS has helped me achieve so much and now it’s time for me to fight for my community! We call on the Biden Administration to fight for permanent residency and to end deportations.”-Ramesh Bhatta, TPS Holder from Nepal, Adhikaar




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