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TPS Alliance: A One Year Extension Is No Solution For 400,000 Families Facing Threats Of Removal
The National TPS Alliance urges all TPS Holders to continue the fight for permanent residency for all 13 countries affected by cancelations

Washington, D.C. – Today, Salvadoran President Bukele issued an unconfirmed announcement that a one-year extension for TPS for El Salvador will be granted as a negotiated agreement with the US government. Bukele only mentions an extension for Salvadoran TPS holders and does not say anything about the TPS holders from the five other countries who are currently suing the Federal government (Ramos v. Nielsen).

This announcement comes as 400,000 TPS holders are awaiting a decision on the Ramos v Nielsen lawsuit, which was filed by TPS holders and their children in response to Trump’s racist and illegal termination of the TPS program.

The National TPS Alliance issued the following statement:

While we welcome the attention to TPS families by President Bukele, we have been fighting Trump’s racist cancellation of TPS for years and a one-year extension is not a permanent solution for the 400,000 families facing threats of removal. We need public officials — on all sides — to step up for TPS families and make clear that separating families is not an option.

We need permanent residency. The Ramos v Nielsen litigation has been a lifeline for TPS holders who are in a state of political limbo and fighting for a permanent solution. If the administration’s termination of TPS, currently under legal scrutiny, is found to be constitutionally permissive, hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans will still be deported, even after this extension.

TPS holder’s lives are not bargaining chips and we know that only Congress can ensure a permanent solution. While we will continue to fight for TPS, we must make clear that our struggle is for a permanent solution and we call on Congressional and Senate leaders to join us to ensure that this happens.

The National TPS Alliance has been fighting for years and will continue to ensure a permanent solution for all TPS holders.


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