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TPS Holder Victory Delivers Additional One Year Protection for TPS Holders from Six Countries

Under Ramos v. Nielsen and Bhattarai v. Nielsen lawsuits, TPS Holders have won a one-year automatic extension, pending a decision from the 9th Circuit Court

Los Angeles, CA  On Friday, DHS “pre-published” the next Federal Register Notice which will be out officially on Monday. This Federal Register Notice gives a one-year automatic extension of lawful status and work authorization for TPS holders from Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan. It also guarantees that TPS holders from Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Sudan will maintain their status for six months in the event of a final decision reversing the Ramos injunction; while TPS holders from El Salvador would be guaranteed one year.

TPS Holders and their children have courageously stood up to the Trump administration’s racist termination of Temporary Protected Status. This extension will provide additional time for TPS holders and the TPS Alliance to continue their efforts to ensure a permanent solution for all TPS beneficiaries.

The following statements were shared by the TPS Alliance:

Jose Palma, National Coordinator with the TPS Alliance:

“This proves that when our community comes together to fight for justice we win. The lawsuit against Trump’s racist termination continues to be a lifeline for TPS  holders who are fighting for a permanent solution.”


Jessica Bansal, Senior Staff Attorney with the ACLU of Southern California and attorney for plaintiffs in Ramos and Bhattarai, said,

“As required by court order, automatic extensions of lawful status and work authorization for TPS holders from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Sudan will continue to be announced at regular intervals at least until there is a final decision in the Ramos appeal. But these temporary extensions do not give TPS  holders the permanent protection they deserve. Only Congress can do that. That’s why continued organizing and advocacy by TPS holders and allies is essential.”

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