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Members of the National TPS Alliance gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington DC to Stand In Solidarity With Protestors to Demand Racial Justice & An End to Police Violence 


Washington DC– On Wednesday June 10, 2020, members of the National TPS Alliance held a press conference outside the AFL-CIO building in front of what is today known as Black Lives Matter Plaza along with the support of The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, to deliver a message of solidarity with the nationwide protests which have been demanding racial justice and an end to police violence since the death of George Floyd.

The National TPS Alliance issued the following statements:

“As we continue to fight towards a permanent residency for over 400,000 TPS families, we must all acknowledge how crucial this movement is for our campaign. We must recognize that this fight is also our fight as it represents the future our families all hope to have once we achieve a permanent solution; a brighter tomorrow, where discrimination and lack of compassion, may be substituted for inclusion and acceptance.”– Paul Montesior, Lead organizer for the National TPS Alliance

“I believe that it is important for us to educate ourselves and our families, to look at the history, and understand the outrage from our brothers and sisters. It is very important to stay informed and continue coming together as a community”– Joana Ayala-Flores, child of TPS holders

“We have fled countries in moments reminescent of the state sponsored violence being used by police in this country. This movement is our movement and we cannot remain silent. We must stand in Solidarity! Black Lives Matter!”– Claudia Lainez, TPS Holder and Regional Organizer for the National TPS Alliance



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