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For Immediate Release
June 4th 2019
Contact: Armando Carmona, 323-250-3018,,
Viridiana Vidal,

BREAKING: House Votes In Favor of Dream & Promise Act (HR-6)

“It’s clear, the overwhelming consensus is for TPS justice – but our families are still not protected.  Now we build from here.”

Nationwide – On Tuesday, the House voted to pass HR-6 the Dream & Promise Act, which would allow TPS Holders, DACA recipients and those with DED a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship. The bill was passed without additional amendments on the House floor, which also included 7 Republicans that voted in favor and represents the first time legislation ensuring TPS holders permanent status is approved. Now the bill must pass the Senate and be signed by the President before it becomes law. TPS holders continue facing the threat of deportation due to terminated TPS protections, but nevertheless, commit to continue the fight for permanent residency for all.

The National TPS Alliance issued the following statements:

“Today, we celebrate but we know our journey is still a long one. TPS holders have been living in limbo for decades, not knowing if some day our status would be revoked, building our families and communities while renewing our status every 18-months with a $495 fee. HR 6 makes clear, the overwhelming national consensus is for TPS justice, but the fact is, our families are still not protected.  Now we build from here.” – Francis Garcia, Honduran TPS Holder, Las Vegas TPS Committee

“I am beyond ecstatic for this win. This is the result of years of organizing, countless hours of educating our fellow Nepali TPS holders, calling and meeting with elected officials, telling my story to the public and working with our fellow TPS and DED holders from all 13 of the countries as part of the Alliance. It has been more than a decade I have lived in this country and I am feeling a ray of sunshine coming through. I am so energized, and feeling ready to move into our next fight in the Senate.” – Brinda R., Adhikaar member, TPS Core Committee member and Nepali TPS holder

“I am happy that we are one step closer to permanent residency. Our goal is to provide emotional stability to our children who are suffering with anxiety and are worried about losing their parents to deportation. Today, we feel heard by at least one half of Congress, and though we know the struggle remains ahead we stand strong and will continue to push for permanent protections for all TPS holders” – Lorena Zepeda, El Salvador TPS Holder & Los Angeles TPS Committee.

“The passage of HR-6 is necessary to keep my family together. My kids and I have no other place to go, we have built roots in this country and will continue to fight for our right to remain. It was unfortunate to listen to the dangerous and xenophobic rhetoric that continues to criminalize immigrants. However we look forward to its debate and passage in the Senate.” – Marie Richmond, Haiti TPS Holder, Lynn Massachusetts.

The struggle of the National TPS Alliance will continue as the legislation heads to the Senate. Today, the NTPSA announced the TPS Summer of Resistance and power building. Beginning on August 14th, 2019 the National TPS Alliance seeks to mobilize thousands of TPS holders to support the court hearing for Ramos v. Nielsen held in Pasadena, CA. The NTPSA will launch a Pledge to Vote campaign and Citizen Solidarity committees in key areas around the country and will continue to build TPS committees in every corner of the country. Our struggle continues and we will not rest until we win permanent residency for all!!!




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