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TPS Holders Challenge US Congressional Leadership to Include Protections in Budget Negotiations

“Get it Done.  We Are Doing Our Part. Do Yours. Include TPS in the Budget Negotiations. TPS Beneficiaries deserve Permanent Residency Now.”

All elected officials have an opportunity to protect hundreds of thousands of TPS Holders & their US Citizen Children.

Nationwide – On Monday, December 16th, TPS holders in San Francisco, Boston and Washington DC are holding vigils, rallies, and making congressional calls urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Schumer and other Congressional leaders to include protections for ALL TPS beneficiaries as part of the budget negotiations. Over 400,000 documented immigrants targeted by the Trump Administration risk having their families separated unless Congress acts.

“The budget negotiations offer an opportunity to protect families” said Elsy Ayala, TPS holder and plaintiff in Ramos vs Nielsen. “We ask all elected officials to match our courage. We are doing our part.  We have packed court rooms, marched in the streets, walked the halls of Congress and rode a bus for 12 weeks to speak our truth across the country. I call Congressional leaders to not be afraid and do their part as well.” she concluded.

Jose Palma, National TPS Alliance Coordinator, said, “Republicans & Democrats have an opportunity to do good. They have a chance to protect our families from being ripped apart. We have contributed and grown strong roots here in the US. Now it’s time for congress to do their job. We refuse to let our lives be used as a political football when just about every American agrees that we deserve equality.”

Melissa Cetoute, TPS Holder & NTPSA Executive Committee said: “With the exception of a handful of nativists and xenophobes, there is a national consensus that we deserve green cards. It is time to turn that consensus into law.  As a NY Resident for over 20 years, we call on Senator Schumer to have the political will to include TPS in the budget deal. Congressional leaders must take every opportunity to protect our families. We can no longer live in limbo.”

TPS Holders respectfully issue the following demands:

  • Include the extension of TPS in the negotiations of the budget for 2020 fiscal year
  • Initiate bipartisan dialogue to place TPS holders on a path to permanent residency.
  • Ensure that the immigration issue, in all of its dimensions, is included in any upcoming presidential debate.

Media Inquiries: Armando Carmona,, 951-966-6500



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