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For Immediate Release

September 23, 2021

Media Contact

Erik Villalobos,


TPS Alliance Statement on Haitian Migrant crisis at US Border


Florida- In response to the ongoing crisis at the US Southern border of Texas, where thousands of mostly Haitian migrants encamped in Del Rio, Texas, Paul Andre Mondesir has released the following statement on behalf of the National TPS Alliance:


“All our Haitian brothers and sisters at the border have our unconditional love and support. I hope that the Biden-Harris administration will receive enough inspiration to find a fair and holistic solution as soon as possible. I also expect that they publicly condemn the horrific acts recently seen against migrants at the hands of border patrol agents. These actions should not be the image of an administration who promised to support the Haitian community. This is not the way to put an end to this situation. Urgent humanitarian assistance is a MUST and the moment is NOW.”- Paul Andre Mondesir, Lead Organizer for the National TPS Alliance



The National TPS Alliance is a grassroots organization comprised of over 50 committees nationwide, advocating for the permanent residency of beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status from the countries of El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Nepal, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Yemen


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